Preservation Projects

Restoration & Repair Projects

Keeping the historical Surgeon’s Quarters in good repair is a continual effort. Age and climate take their toll on any building. It is crucial that any maintenance or repair work Windowsbe done by skilled people who understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the construction of the building. In 2010 we were fortunate to have some very talented people help us do some much needed conservation and restoration.

Historic records indicate the windows in the Surgeon’s Quarters were made by hand on site during construction of the house. In 2010 Amy Harrington McAuley of Oculus Fine Carpentry, Portland, did the window restoration of all the original window sashes of the Fort Dalles Surgeon’s Quarters. Using hand tools to saw and plane the wood, she repaired window sashes and restored the original glass in the windows to its former glory. Removing years of mineral build-up on the windows from rain and sprinklers, the windows of the Surgeon’s Quarters are now clear and sparkling.

In 2010 restoration of the stone chimneys and foundation was done by Alan Ash of Ash Stone Masonry of Eugene. The chimneys had begun crumbling and it was becoming important to stop the damage caused by the process of aging. He used local stone and a lime based mortar to restore the chimneys to their original appearance.

Other projects:

Fort Dalles Museum applied for, and received three grants in 2009. The first grant was from Oregon Trails Fund for doing a condition assessment and preservation plan for two of the wagons in the vehicles collection, the Hotel Dalles Bus and the Prineville/The Dalles stage.

We also received a grant from the Northern Wasco County PUD to replace the roof on the Anderson House, a project that helps to preserve the house for the education and enjoyment for generations to come.

The third grant was a $17,000 “Preserving Oregon” matching grant awarded by the Oregon State Office of Historic Preservation for two preservation/restoration projects at the Surgeon’s Quarters. (See 2010 window/sash restoration and chimney/foundation restoration listed above).

The Preserving Oregon Grant is a 50% matching grant, so for every dollar received the museum must match it with either reserve funds, donations, staff or volunteer time, or donated services.

To help raise funds for this grant and for other projects at the museum, including the new Transportation Building, the Fort Dalles/Anderson Homestead Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization, has been set up. This non-profit will make it easier for the museum to receive donations and apply for grants that, as a county-owned and run facility, the museum would not otherwise qualify for.

It is an exciting time to be involved with Fort Dalles Museum. We welcome your contribution of thoughts, ideas, time or money for any of our various efforts.