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Fort Dalles Museum Visitor Comments

Here are a few comments made by our visitors:

Awesome! Marie was very informative.—Sarah T., Mokisville, PA

Well appointed! Excellent displays and a lovely docent. We really enjoyed our visit. One of the best samples of Western American history around.—Michaela R., 1000 Oaks, CA

The enthusiasm and knowledge of the docents added to the experience of the tour of the various buildings. The unique character of the region and the generations that went before are well worth preserving. Any grant money would be well spent by these dedicated people. Restore those vehicles!—Steve & Susan G., San Marcos, CA

The people who work here are so informed and knowledgeable and excited about what they are doing! We learned so much about the area from them and caught their excitement. I am here because of books I've read about the area. I haven't been disappointed and my knowledge has been enhanced by this tour. — Lee Anne G., Bedford, TX

The staff were extremely knowledgeable about the history of The Dalles. Their enthusiasm was contagious. I was impressed with their willingness to outreach to the students of the area. It gives the children ownership to the history of their town. — David M., Portland, OR

Love the "small town" feel museum and personal attention. Thanks. So glad we stopped by and saw the signs! — San Rafael, CA

This visit was extremely interesting and informative. You have quite the collection here. We especially enjoyed our tour of the Anderson House. Our guide was very well informed and told us a lot beyond the posted information in the displays. We will certainly recommend the place to other visitors. —M. & B. F.

We visited with the North Sherman Grade School today (3rd and 4th grades). Al the children (adults as well) were fascinated by the history located in our own "backyard." What a treasure you have. Take good care of her. Thank you. — Ruth B., Wasco, OR

A big thank you for allowing F.C.C. the use of these beautiful grounds. It is a perfect place for this Club. Thank you for the use of your nice green, shady space. It's also nice to have clean bathrooms with running water and soap! The kids love ringing the bells, too. — Jennifer G.

Fabulous museum. Could not duplicate this concentration of authentic, focused history and memorabilia. And Mary's enthusiasm made the visit. Uncommon courtesy, knowledge, and energy. (The modern version of "undaunted courage.")— Tom & Pat M., Boulder, CO.

Mary gave a very interesting account of how things were. We do hope the antique vehicles could be cleaned up more.— Char J., Panama City, FL

Great fun, lots of good information, super personalized. Think you could wear the "Andrew" nose for us taller kids? — JoAnn & Mike F., Bend, OR

Excellent tour conductors. Very thorough and knowledgeable. We met very nice people who conducted the tours.

Our guide was very informative, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Very enjoyable. — Janet A.

This was a wonderful tour full of lots of information and all the kids enjoyed it lots. Wonderful tour guides. I hope this will continue so we can bring other kids in the future. — Tina K., Wasco, OR

You guys were the best. I think should come back. — Abby G., The Dalles, OR

We enjoyed each facet of the nuseum. It was very educational in understanding the history of this area. It would be wonderful to have an educational DYD narrated by docents. Great job. We loved the enthusiasm of our docent from Spain.

So interesting! — Gayle J., Terrebonne, OR

Our tour was very informative and greatly explained. Thank you for your time with us. — The N. family, Oak Harbor, WA

We enjoyed our visit so much and were so glad we stopped. Our granddaughter learned so many things from the guide here.— Betty C., Forest Grove, OR

Lots of history to look at. Great museum. — H. Family

Very wonderful. A lot of knowledge in items at Anderson Homestead. Enjoyed your letting us tour it. — W.

You guys did it the best. I can't wait to come back. — Mariah B., The Dalles, OR

I can't say enough about my visit to the museum. This is "top notch." You have a first-class arrowhead collection.

It's very historical and a fun place to learn. You just expect a ghost to pop out somewhere.

Mary was an outstanding guide. — Fred & Dean G, Columbia City, IN

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Fort Dalles Museum and the Anderson Homestead
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